Made in Germany

family owned - innovative – made in Germany

Röber Holding GmbH ist the umbrella-organization for all operating companies of the Röber- group and is responsible for central processing of the areas accounting, marketing, purchasing and general management.

The base of our activities are the requirements of our customers and the belonging secure of delivery capacities of our high quality brand products. We lead through trust in our employees and their highest possible decision-making scope. Know-how and a good advising are what distinguish our companies. The brand „Made in Germany“ is our benchmark, all our thinking and acting is driven by this, to the benefit of our customers.

We are fully aware of our social responsibilty. With our knowledge and our solutions we want to be sustainable active and support the environment protection.. All the goods entrusted to us we want to handle responsible. High ethical standards and long lasting, sustainable acting in the overall social context are our distinguishing features.


Since many Years we feed the production waste controlled back into the process and use all our waste in prepared form.

Even so we take back waste and off-cuts from our customers to reuse them in our production process. A central matter of our overall acting is the prevention of waste by recycling and reusing.

Having an open and constructive communication with our customers, suppliers, authorities und others on behalf of quality, work environment and general environment and other matters we are involved in a continuous improving process.

All our employees are constantly informed and involved in their daily work regarding product quality, work environment and general environmental concerns. This happens by trainings and information, they are actively participating in our improving process.

Röber Holding is working continuously at personal-related issues, not accepting any form of violations of human rights of employees in case of gender, ethnicity, religious freedom, sexual orientation or others.