R.GLAS Frost LED - efficient . durable

The LED technology is with regard to its quality, intensity, efficiency and its service lifetime far superior to conventional lighting technologies.
Due to its efficiency and environmental compatibility, it is the light source of the future.
For applications in the LED field, Roeber has developed a suitable sheet guaranteeing an unsurpassable whiteness from an illuminated background. RÖBER PMMA Frost LED consists of an extruded frosted acrylic glass with a satinized surface and an extraordinary matt texture for superior visual demands. Unique light diffusion abilities provide a maximum amount of transparency without recognisable circular light sources. 

RÖBER PMMA Frost LED is suitable for various applications indoors and outdoors, due to its high weather- and abrasion resistance.
An individual light situation can be achieved by different material strengths and a variable light source distance. 
Further modification of the sheet according to its specification with regard to its strength, transmission and impact strength is also possible. 
With RÖBER PMMA Frost LED you will achieve balanced light scenes and accents.


  • unique premium whiteness
  • high transmission
  • excellent lamp hiding capabilities
  • maximum amount of transpareny and extraordinary light scattering
  • non-recognition of the light source 
  • good surface characteristics (abrasion resistant)
  • deal thermoforming abilities
  • weather resistant
  • easy processing 
  • variable wall strength 


  • Displays
  • Security lighting
  • Counters
  • Decorative lighting
  • Kitchen- and bathroom luminaries
  • Lighting of hallways, corridors, paths, squares
  • Lighting of cycle paths, housing areas, etc.
thicknesses3,0 – 4,0 – 5,0 – 6,0 mm



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