RÖBER PMMA Struktur – 30 years warranty for UV-Stability

RÖBER PMMA Struktur XT are extruded, textured acrylic glasses. Many years of experience in the sheet extrusion turn RÖBER PMMA Struktur into high quality products of Röber plastics. 
A lot of visually appealing structures of RÖBER PMMA Struktur are perfectly suitable for the production of displays or illuminated advertising signs. 

Special properties such as an outstanding UV-stability or impact resistance make RÖBER PMMA Struktur indispensable for numerous applications such as balcony- and outdoor glazing or visual protection shields.


  • UV-Stability
  • Easy to apply
  • Fire class DIN 4102 B2 non-burning droplets
  • General approval from the construction supervision authorities
  • Impact resistant


  • Glazing of balconies
  • Luminaries
  • Visual protection shields
  • Display design
  • Illuminated advertising signs
  • Partitions
  • Decoration


structuresPyramid, Kräusel, Nigeria (default)
coloursclear, bronze
thickness6.0 mm
Overlengths and special formats on request 


*as warranty terms